I met Sylvia through a women's business group, and I attended one of her 4 week mastermind programs. In that 4 weeks through the Q&A and discussion, Sylvia really got to know me, my company, and some challenges that we were facing. It was after the program was over that I sought Sylvia's advice on what I/she could do to help build our team and propel forward. I invited her to spend an afternoon with us for a staff retreat. Sylvia incorporated the Leadership Game into our retreat. The Leadership Game is a comprehensive and engaging game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. This game helps organizations increase their effectiveness and improve their leadership awareness. Through this we were able to hear and understand the entire group's input which magnified the richness of the discussions on all topics. As a result we were able to develop solutions as a team. There was a cohesive bond that was formed through the game, and all team members felt empowered to develop the leader within themselves. We were able to provide an environment where they felt safe to share and believed that their ideas would be nurtured. This was a wonderful experience for our staff, and it allowed the management/ownership team to see new potential in many. We are all the better for having had Sylvia as part of our team for that day.
Carrie Kass
Practice Administrator and Manager, CHARM
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