Connection is the New Language of Success

Sylvia Villalobos Worsham will review 7 strategies on how to connect with customers using the DISC method of selling.  She will present how to identify the key attributes of each personality style so you can adapt your communication style to your customer’s preference which will ultimately lead to massive sales and growth in any industry. 

Key Takeaways:

Get out of your own Way

Sylvia Villalobos Worsham will review the differences between the subconscious and conscious mind so you may have a better understanding of how to work with your subconscious mind to achieve the results you want.  In this talk, she will walk you through the steps you can follow to identify the core beliefs and habits that are sabotaging your growth in any area of your life. In essence, she will coach you on how to get out of your own way.

Key Takeaways:

Leading with Awareness, Rubber Bands and the Letter Px3

Sylvia Villalobos Worsham will share with you the secret to her sales success and how she turned an underperforming territory to the #1 territory in the region and #2 in the country, for the number one company in the world – despite enormous personal and professional challenges.  She will review how to apply the Law of Awareness and Rubber Bands to stretch you out of your comfort zone and into your capacity zone, and cover 3 sales strategies that will provide you the degree of difference and catapult your sales to a whole new level.

Key Takeaways:

I remember well my first impressions of Sylvia because I was impressed with her ability to lead a diverse group through initial steps of learning. Her mastery surrounding DISC (personality assessment tool) and her knowledge on how to better connect to customers will definitely further sales for any client regardless of industry. In my time with her, I picked up on her creative methods that went well beyond the basic CAPEX/OPEX cost analysis... she also knew how to calculate total cost of ownership adding that into a purchase equation. This method allowed her to reduce cost for her clients hospitals while generating more revenue. It is evident that Sylvia understands how to increase/enhance interpersonal communications at the same time that she identifies leadership issues which are costing companies through lost profitability. I watched her answer questions in a room mixed with various C-Level executives and then instantly shift to working level initiatives addressing the heavy lifters who would then need to execute these strategies. She is bi-lingual on several bases! Sylvia possesses, and freely shares, many strategies that elevate leadership at all levels of an organization and has a gift for developing communication skills (removing barriers if needed). This new environment then becomes collaborative which ultimately results in massive profit and growth.
Stephen Lehr
VP Sales United States Primal Technologies


Lead an Amazing Life with Reflection and Focus - Sylvia Villalobos Worsham
Connection is the New Language of Success

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