You Are Enough

Recently I woke up with the memory of my mom singing to me “You Are so Beautiful to Me”. The gift my mom gave me growing up was her time, her joy, and her friendship. That friendship saved my life.

Growing up with acne, and having bullies constantly tease me, only reinforced the core belief that I was ugly. I grew up believing that despite my mom’s best efforts to encourage me otherwise.  Our feelings are the guidance system into our soul. Use them to help identify the belief that is controlling your results in life. I believed I was not enough.

It wasn’t till I became a coach in 2017 that I was able to recognize how this belief had impacted my choices in life. As a parent now, I understand the importance of being there for our kids. In the past, despite winning accolades at my job and hitting a career peak of success, I knew deep down I had let myself and my son down. 

Fast forward a few years and I was at the same crossroads. My new business venture was at a standstill and I realized that God was giving me the gift of time. Time to spend with my son who needed me and time to spend reflecting on why I had made the unwise choice in the first place. 

Today my speaking and coaching revolves around my personal stories which are intended to validate, motivate, and encourage empowerment.  To seek and find joy is simple – be grateful for what you have on a consistent basis. I have applied this in my group coaching sessions on a multiple of occasions. When the emotion is high it can blind us to the opportunities and the infinite possibilities of finding joy.

And to my mom – thank you for always being there for me during some of the toughest times of my life. I am lucky that I have such an amazing example to follow. I love you and thank you for always believing in me when I couldn’t or wouldn’t.

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