Modeling Matters

This was the card I received from my kids (picked out by Andres) on my birthday this year.  I got very emotional when I read the outside of it but it completely took me aback when I read what he wrote (on his own, with zero prompting from Donnie) on the inside.  

The meaning, the heart behind it, seeing his confidence in himself and who he will be in the future, his kindness and gratitude – it was all a moment of clarity and overwhelming pride in what modeling has done for this sweet young man.  It’s healing for me, as someone who experienced my own limiting beliefs for years. We all seek to give our children a better life than we had and to learn from our own mistakes.

As I mentioned in The Gift of Time, it is important to observe how we speak to ourselves and others.  We as parents have the responsibility of showing our children that we believe in ourselves, and to come from a place of positivity.  If we show them that we don’t accept ourselves or we think we aren’t good enough, that modeling may carry forward to them and they may form their own limiting beliefs.  

Some things that I’ve learned throughout my own childhood and now as a parent:

It matters what you say to your kids on a daily basis.  
It starts with belief.
Initiate every encounter from a place of love.
What you model for your kids they will also model to theirs.
They are always listening and their minds are always taking in all the information.  Be mindful with your words and actions.  

I’m blessed to have such an amazing family.

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