I Forgive You

Those three words will unleash a power within you that will open new opportunities into your life.  They will free you of the anger, pain, and loss you felt and will release you to become the person that operates from love, abundance, and blessings.  

Forgiveness, Focus, and Gratitude 

Forgiveness, focus, and gratitude will shift your mindset and help clear any resistance in relationships; ultimately transforming them.  

Last year in July, our 5- year marriage suffered an emotional turning point.  We found ourselves resenting each other for past mistakes we each had made throughout our marriage.  It was evident to both of us that something had to change for our relationship to survive. We each got coaching and for a while, our marriage had the best communication.  

Last week, some old habits and feelings resurfaced.  It was obvious to me that I needed to forgive my husband for the pain he caused me so I wrote him a letter. 

To get past any experience in your life it is essential to forgive yourself and others and to take ownership for your role in that experience.  

This will allow you to be free of an old identity that keeps you stuck in that pattern of behavior and allows for that necessary shift to occur.  By focusing on the good that came out of our experience, it aligned my mind to seek out the positive in it. Furthermore, by being grateful to my husband for challenging me to be the best version of myself, it kept me operating from the side of love and abundance.  Doing so will help you attract more blessings into your life. The result will be transformational.

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