Patience + Preparation = Prosperity

Patience & Preparation will lead to Prosperity

 Here’s the big idea: Having patience and preparation will lead you to prosperity in all aspects of your business and life.  Allow me to explain what is meant by having patience.  The wise saying of “All good things come to those who wait”, is right on the money.  

Use the Quiet Time to Prepare to Make Your Move

In April 2009, I was standing on stage sharing my strategy with my peers on how my underperforming territory had become the #1 territory in our region and #2 in the country out of 364 representatives at Pfizer.  What happens after you come off a stellar year like that one?  Sales quota skyrocket and corporate’s expectations can be somewhat unrealistic.  You have to start all over again the following year.  And now you are starting at a much higher level than the previous year. Many people get demoralized or are too exhausted to keep up the momentum.  Not me. I chose to use the quiet time to prepare and expand my reach into unchartered parts of my territory. Make the decision to view this quiet time as time to prepare and most importantly be patient.  You’ll know when to make the move to pass up the competition.  Did I meet expectations in 2009?  Yes, I did and I stayed consistent and focused on my goals.   

Have You Done All You Can Do to Prepare?

The answer that came to me was a resounding “NO!”  Asking myself the follow-up question, “What can I do?” led me to the answers.  In order to increase my market penetration, and set up me up for success in 2010, focus needed to shift to the long-term goals of my territory and that meant stretching out of my comfort zone.  I needed to expand my reach into other areas of my territory that had been neglected the year before – where my competition spent the majority of their time and where resistance was the highest. What 3 strategies can help you achieve success in 2020 no matter your industry?

  1. Form strategic partnerships with others that do not compete with you but will provide you with information that can lead you to unlocking the unmet needs of your customers and gather intelligence on your competition.  Make it a win-win situation for the partnership.
  2. Use the quiet time to gain the knowledge to understand your competition, market and customers well so when the time comes; you’ll be better positioned to meet the needs of your customers.
  3. Where focus goes energy flows.  Stay focused on what YOU CAN DO!  That way you’ll see the opportunity instead of the challenges and you will prioritize your time and energy efficiently to meet your customers’ needs.
Winning my 2nd Vice President Award at Pfizer in 2010.  Having patience and preparation in 2009 led me to a prosperous 2010! 

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