My New E-Book, Journey to Me: Trust the Wisdom of Change now available on Amazon!

My new E-book, Journey to Me, Trust the Wisdom of Change is now available to buy on Amazon!

When Joy Seems Beyond Your Reach….

When the Pain is Too Great…

When Your Throughs & Feelings Betray You…

Can you Trust the Wisdom of Change? Change can be daunting and life-altering in unimaginable ways. It can reveal your fear-driven choices and guide you toward a life of joy in alignment with your SOUL’s desires.

In Journey to Me, Sylvia Worsham shares raw and real stories of change, and affirms how God uses your choices to shift your lens toward your SOUL’s true identity.

Sylvia shows you how to propel forward to a life of love, compassion, and joy by unveiling the root cause of your anger, fear and resentment, while providing applicable coaching tips.

When you trust God, and step into uncertainty with faith, you see truth, let go of lies, and joyfully identify with your divine SOUL’s purpose.

Are you ready to live a better life and want to create one? It’s time to get off the merry-go-round of hoping and take charge of your life!

Life does not happen TO you! Life happens FOR you!

Sales: That Dirty Little Word!

During this pandemic many are struggling to sell themselves, their products and their services. Most people cringe at the mention of it. But what if you were to substitute sales with forming connections with others? Would that help you relax into the sales process? In this video, we discuss three tips that were shared at the national level with the top sales force of the #1 pharmaceutical firm in the world at a time in our industry when there was financial instability and the sales force needed empowerment to continue selling despite that adversity. These Sales Tips and Traps are shared on my facebook page: Sylvia Worsham. Feel free to connect with me. #sales, #salesleadership, #national, #strategy, #salesstrategy, #focusfridays, #sylviaworsham, #empowerment, #keynotespeaker, #salesmastertrainer, #pandemic, #adversity, #challenge, #opportunity, #lawoffocus, #focus, #credibility, #needs, #candoattitude, #purpose, #clarity

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