What Story Are You Choosing to Believe About Yourself?

In this segment of Focus Fridays, we discuss how your unconscious mind works to create beliefs meant to keep you safe and certain in the feelings you are feeling. You will find yourself justifying those feelings and reactions which will ultimately prevent you from becoming the person you were meant to become. The story you tell yourself determines the person you become in life. So what story are you choosing to believe about yourself? Are you choosing a story that aligns with the identity of the person who thrives in life, or the person who stays stuck in fearful feelings and certainty? In these uncertain times of COVID-19, choosing the story that helps you thrive will ultimately lead you down the path of releasing those beliefs and creating stories that allows you the possibility of finding true happiness and fulfillment in life. #unlocking, #unconsciousmind, #consciousmind, #conscious, #awareness, #beliefs, #limitingbeliefs, #feelings, #significantemotionalevents, #memories, #focusfridays. #focus, #empowerment, #empowermentcoach, #sylviaworsham, #choice, #identity

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